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Exploring the frontiers of energy medicine and tools

I’m excited to announce launch of my brand new website! This has been a large creative undertaking to combine my Linda Easthouse and Easthouse Natural Health websites into one.

Now you can get all of my products and services together under one umbrella as they really work together to get you the health, function and performance results you desire. 

Be sure to check out my About Linda page where I’ve recorded a brand new audio clip about my journey into radionics. Also – I’ve done a lot of work to simplify and explain just what radionics and bio resonance is all about here.

To top it off, I added a Blog section and I’ll be updating it regularly with helpful information. Please check back regularly for new content.

Looking to get your own equipment and training?

For those who want to explore frequencies for themselves, I recommend the Spooky2 equipment and training as the best place to start. It is not a done for you solution but it isn’t too hard to learn and provides a personal exploration of frequency healing. Check out all their educational uses here

My Feature Services

My services are broken down into two categories: Radionics and Bio-Resonance. 

Next, take a look at both of my introductory offers for each type of service. 

Full Assessment

I recommend starting with a radionics full assessment that includes 4 weeks of transmissions.

Initial Analysis

Begin your Bioresonance journey with an initial analysis to provide a baseline of overall body testing, analysis and transmissions.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, try my 30-day Calm Immune Boost. It’s on sale now for just $30! 

If you’re looking for a longer term solution, consider joining my 12-month Clear, Clean & Boost program. 

About Krystaline Products

Get started right here to learn about Krystaline rings by Wayne the creator! 


About Linda

I optimize the person's energy flow to enhance function and performance whether it is health, business or sports.​

Linda Orr Easthouse – founder of East House Natural Health – uses these energetic approaches to restore the body, mind and spirit. She assists people in taking control of their stresses, establishing healthy patterns, and gaining control over their life. Many athletes and business owners seek her assistance to optimize their performance and outcomes.

Linda is a Radionics master, as well as Certified in Natural Bioenergetics™ and MatrixEnergetics™.

Latest from my blog...

Video on how to use the Krystaline neutralization and sun rings together

Using Neutralization and Sun Rings Together

The Krystaline neutralization rings and sun rings work together. Use the neutralization ring first to remove unwanted energies. Then apply the sun ring to infuse the space with golden energy and also to amplify the results. Check out this instructional video by Wayne, the creator of Krystaline tools.

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Instructions on how to use the Krystaline Rings - Linda Easthouse Website

How To Use Krystaline Rings

Are you new to the Krystaline Rings and want to learn more about them? Watch this informational video with lots of creative suggestions and ideas on how to use the rings around your home and in your daily routine.

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