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Linda Orr Easthouse is the founder of East House Natural Health and author of the best-seller Pushing the Reset Button – the busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love.

Linda has been a Natural Health specialist for over 15 years and is a recognized Advanced Specialist of Natural Bioenergetics™ and practices Matrix Energies as well as being a Radionics Master for the past 10 years.

She uses these energetic approaches to restore the body, mind and spirit. She assists people in taking control of their stresses, establishing healthy patterns, and gaining control over their life. Many athletes and business owners seek her assistance to optimize their performance and outcomes.

I optimize the person's energy flow to enhance function and performance whether it is health, business or sports.

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Linda's Journey

Linda started to explore energy medicine in 2002. Here is Linda’s story. You can listen to it on the audio file or read it below.

Hi, I’m Linda Easthouse. I thought you’d enjoy hearing a little bit about how I got into radionics and why I love helping people with this technology so much.

I’ve always been into natural health stuff. My family has a long history of natural health. My grandmother was actually one of the first women Canadian chiropractors – she was in the first class that graduated women. So I’ve come from a long tradition of working naturally to heal the body and gain functionality and form, in many aspects of our lives through these kinds of technologies.

Back in 2002, we had just moved to Canada. I have two boys, both of whom had been sick most of their lives. A colleague of mine said he’d gotten this new technology that was really amazing. It was a nonlinear sequencing (NLS-Bioresonance) technology that allowed the body to receive a signal, process it and send back where the body was different from the original. That allowed them to see where the body was having problems. You could feed in a perfect signal of a liver or a kidney or a lung, or whatever, and it would process that signal and come back with how close the person’s actual body signal was to the perfect one. It allowed us to have a very exact imprint of what’s going on in the body. That was my first introduction to the bio-resonance side of it.

I had heard about radionics for a long time. I had read a number of things about it in the general agricultural use, but for the most part I hadn’t really experienced it. And then another colleague said that he had a radionics machine and so I decided I needed to try it out. He started running some things on me and explaining to me how it all worked. I absolutely loved it and got amazing results from it very quickly. We were working more on some attitudinal things, and some emotional things which got very quick results. That very much impressed me.

So I started studying radionics. I took the course from the Canadian Radionics Association and some courses out of the UK. I did a tremendous amount of reading and then a lot of experimenting. I have three different radionics machines and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each one works in a little bit different way, but I find that with all three of them it gives me a broad range of being able to address all the issues that I want to address, whether they’re physical, emotional, illness, performance, or function.

I do a lot of work with people in the area of improving their business, because we can put in all sorts of vibrations and frequencies around their business being successful. For example, in attracting the right clients, having the right sales, choosing the right products, and all those kinds of things. A lot of performance fine tuning can be done with this.

I also find that it’s a wonderful way to just keep a background cleaning going for people – like people who live in high stress environments. They can just have this background cleaning running all the time for them, which helps them tremendously. 

All of these different kinds of approaches over the years, I’ve practiced and fine tuned until I feel really comfortable that I can help almost anyone with whatever it is that they want to do via radionics. It is an amazing technology. 

There is a difference between radionics and bioresonance. Bioresonance is more the reading of the frequencies that are going on in the body, turning them into a picture on the screen where you can see what’s going on. And then, testing different possibilities for correcting that against them to figure out which one’s going to work the best and then feeding that into their body to help the body correct it. 

So the bioresonance is really working on the body’s frequencies and waves and ways to enhance that to produce the greatest healing within the system. 

Radionics also does that, just in a slightly different way. But radionics also has the much broader possibility of working on performance and attitude and emotions and all these other issues that are so much a part of our daily lives. 

I really encourage you to try some radionics. Join me in this journey and hopefully we’ll be able to give you the results you’re looking for through a very gentle yet very powerful process of sending waves into your system, into your environment, into your business, into your family, wherever you want them. That will then begin to integrate and create change and open up new possibilities and allow things to just move into a new direction and a new outcome that you want.

Bioresonance works together with radionics as a powerful combo

Work With Me

I offer two introductory offers to my feature services for radionics and bioresonance. 

Full Assessment

I recommend starting with a radionics full assessment that includes 4 weeks of transmissions.

Initial Analysis

Begin your bioresonance journey with an initial analysis to provide a baseline of overall body testing, analysis and transmissions.

Also check out my special programs, including my 30-day Calm Immune Boost and 1 year Clear, Clean & Boost

Picture of Linda Easthouse

Linda Easthouse

"My work in Natural Bioenergetics is the most fulfilling, satisfying work I have ever done. Helping others be the best they can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually gives me purpose to keep pursuing higher training and greater experience."

Picture of Linda Easthouse

Linda Easthouse

"My work in Natural Bioenergetics is the most fulfilling, satisfying work I have ever done. Helping others be the best they can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually gives me purpose to keep pursuing higher training and greater experience."

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