Hush Blankets

Our goal is to provide you with a natural solution to better sleep. With these organic weighted blankets, you will find yourself falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

Some things that make Hush special are:

We recommend choosing a blanket that is 8-12% of your body weight.

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Highly recommended for both you and especially your children.

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Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Similar to receiving a hug from a loved one, the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket on your body will release serotonin (happy hormones) in your brain. It will also help reduce the release of cortisol (stress hormones). This in turn, will help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Aids in Falling Asleep Faster and for Longer

Melatonin (sleep hormone) is made from serotonin. With an increase of serotonin from the weight of the blanket, you will have an easier time falling and staying alseep.

Comforting for people with PTSD, ADHD, and Autism

Deep touch pressure stimulation provided by weighted blankets can be incredibly calming for people with these types of conditions.

Helps With insomnia and sleep apnea

Weighted blankets are a great natural alternative or addition to aid with insomnia and sleep apnea.

Currently, we are promoting the Hush Iced Weighted Blankets

Please download our special order price list here. It contains all the sizes and weights so you can get what is perfect for you.