Bioresonance – Initial Analysis

Bio Resonance services provided by Linda Easthouse

The Biophilia Pro is a super fast and highly targeted NLS system that can be paired with a scalar box for full power distance scans. Some people find it too strong and prefer the gentler Hunter system. We will use whichever is best for you.

The 4025 Hunter bio-resonance system quickly provides overall body testing, analysis and transmissions. The NLS quantum technology can be delivered virtually using scalar technology and a “witness” sample such as hair, fingernails, a picture and birth date (a unique identifier of the client). 

This is a precise, informative and safe method to scan and detect the functional status of the human body or to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions in eight levels of physiology, and then provides a frequency broadcast. An initial scan takes about 45 minutes, identifying the priorities and then programming the transmissions.


*All prices are in USD.

The Hunter and/or the Biophilia Pro automatically detects the root cause of health problems and provides the appropriate responses from its wide database of frequencies. It has access to the signatures for 1432 organs and tissues, 4012 preparations and processes, and an extensive database of body systems and functions.

A comparative analysis shows the changes that take place before and after treatment. Its multi-functionality provides NLS meta therapy, therapy for bacteria and virus, phytotherapy, lithotherapy, acupuncture therapy, remedy preparation, nutrition suggestions and supplement testing.

The therapy is carried out on eight levels:

  1. molecular,
  2. ultra-structure,
  3. DNA helix,
  4. chromosome,
  5. nucleus,
  6. cell,
  7. tissue,
  8. up to the entire organ.

It is very effective and successful in initiating healing changes within the body. The user can observe the effectiveness directly on the screen and can create a report for the client.

The 4025 Hunter is capable of measuring oscillations of remedies such as food supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc., which allows it to identify the most efficient remedy.


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