Divinity Rings

The Krystaline Divinity Rings utilize the principles of sacred geometry and piezoelectric fields. Each Ring is hand crafted with brass rod, and plated with various precious metals. The final layer of plating – 24 carat gold – provides a more stable energy. Divinity Rings are effective in pairs -2 rings create a powerful electrical field that recharges your energy. Rings are available in 4 or 9 inches. Divinity Rings assist the integration of spiritual energies into our conscious awareness and our physical being.


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The Divinity Ring evokes many names due to its powerful and multifaceted energy patterns. This is because its other dimensional qualities cannot be easily described within 3rd dimensional limitations. We considered the following possibilities for naming it: the Divinity Ring, the Cosmic Cross, the Cosmic Bridge, and the Chakra Bridge. This symbol is all encompassing, it provides a framework to move us into a sense of wholeness, unity and balance, both within ourselves and within our world.

Feel free to describe or call your ring by a name that resonates with you.

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4 inch gold, 9 inch gold


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