Specific Assessment on 1 issue

Radionics Treatments

This is an assessment on a single item to identify causal factors, provide a recommended approach, and includes up to one month of transmissions.

This is useful for triggered emotional upsets, or for preparing oneself for a particular event or challenge. It is often applied prior to an important race, event, test, or presentation.


*All prices are in USD.

Get this when…

  • You’ve experienced an emotional upset or traumatic event that has triggered a fear or sadness and you are looking for a a way that allows your body to quickly re-establish its equilibrium.
  • You are preparing for a particular event or challenge, such as an important race, event, test, or presentation. Apply this specific broadcast prior to the event.
  • Following a Radionics Full Assessment, a new layer or additional issue comes up and needs to be added. Rather than needing another full assessment, the additional concern can be added to the assessment using this single issue analysis. If repetitions are already in place for your full assessment, these repetitions are included at no additional cost.


  • Example of 1 item: Pain in right knee from a fall.
  • Example of a full assessment: Arthritis in knee joints.

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