Sun Rings

Available in 4 inch and 9 inch sizes in gold only. 

Krystaline Sun Rings bring coherence and strength to the energy patterns of, for example, foods, through nine layers. The bio-availability of your food or supplements is significantly increased by placing them onto the ring for a few seconds before ingesting them.

The Why: Food grown in a healthy, organic field normally has a bio-energy field of up to three feet. However, most commercially-grown food has a bio-field of only 6 to 18 inches. Using the sun ring can significantly increase the bio field.

Benefits of the sun rings include:

  • Food that is structured by the ring digests better, requiring less energy to process.
  • Vitamins and minerals are absorbed more efficiently.
  • Supplements placed in the Sun Ring have greater potency. Get more healing for less cost!

Special Offer:
Buy a Sun Ring and a Neutralization Ring as a pair and get a discount. Choose your 4″ or 9″ pairs here.

Also available in 13″ via special order. If interested, use our Custom Order Form.


* All prices are listed in USD

How To Use Your Sun Ring

After clearing an item with the Neutralization Ring, place whatever you wish to structure on the Sun Ring for 4 or 5 seconds. It is now structured 9 layers deep.

The Sun Ring can be used in conjunction with the neutralization ring on painful areas of your body. Hold the neutralization ring over the pain until it feels somewhat better, and place essential oils, such as peppermint, in the sun ring beside you to create a more powerful healing experience.

Anything that is placed in your Sun Ring will be amplified and dispersed throughout the room. Get creative with this process and try out gemstones, crystals, essential oils, herbs, etc.

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4" Gold, 9" Gold


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