What is Radionics?

“Radionics assists clients in self healing by increasing their innate healing capacity and optimizing this natural - yet mostly forgotten - process.”

Radionics facilitates a flow of energies between your body’s parts and energy centers to restore your health and wellbeing, which takes place both on physical and non physical levels. This process optimizes your overall performance and success in this world.

Once your body, mind and spirit are repaired and working at a much higher level, you will have the energy, self-confidence and willpower to go after your dreams and accomplish your real goals. Radionics patterns heal, align and empower you, and after successive radionics broadcasts, you will be in a much improved state of mind. You will feel better than you ever have before which will enable you to take charge of your life and move towards greater meaning in everything you do.

Radionics is a tool that can be used for creating new thinking patterns, reinforcing mental and spiritual changes the person desires to make, and creating an energetic field that supports a calm and balanced mind in the face of a chaotic environment. It can also be used in analyzing and correcting conditions in humans, animals and plants.


What is Bioresonance?

“Bioresonance is a frequency interaction between a living organism, in this case the client, and the frequency patterns that surround or resonate with the organism's innate patterns.”

Bioresonance forms the basis of radionics healing responses by which specific healing patterns and frequencies are directed at the client, resulting in the reprogramming of the client’s system. For example, the application of a high vibrational pattern to a client activates the client to change their own old pattern. In this way, lower frequency habits, thoughts and activities, etc., can be systematically phased out, removed, and replaced by improved energies.

The radionic specialist and client work together to consciously identify key factors requiring transformation and choosing the desired actions and results of the protocols.

Bioresonance is the process for applying radionics

Radionics Analysis and Rates

During a full assessment of the client, the specialist identifies various patterns, beliefs and blocks that are (or could) interfere with the client’s full state of health. These are identified by checking the client’s bioresonance with the healthy pattern and determining the discrepancy between the actual and and desired. This includes any potentials that are in their infancy that could eventually lead to negative outcomes. 

For example, today’s repeating negative thought patterns will most likely manifest as future physical ailments or incoherent behaviours. Radionics analysis can help spot this type of liability early on and remove its potential.

Radionics Treatments by Linda Easthouse
Radionics sessions start with a full assessment of the client, and a radionic analysis (discovery of all the frequencies involved).

The specialist creates a complete profile of the client, including:

The specialist then determines the recommended frequency program or set of programs.

Energy transmissions mainly consist of interacting healing energy patterns being entangled with the client’s energy. These may include radionic frequency rates, geometric shapes, wave patterns from essential oils or herbs as well as colors, and more. This stimulates the client’s own self-healing process, overwriting outdated or deficient programs with more coherent ones.

Secondary aspects may be added to the program as appropriate, including homeopathic remedies, flower essences and herbal extracts. Secondary aspects are integrated into the overall wave pattern and may smooth or soften the integration of new patterns.

It is like an artist mixing colors on the palette. Using other colors can mute or brighten colors and change the hue or tone. Sometimes completely new colors are added to the painting and can neutralize tones to bring overall harmony. Colors are frequencies of light. Radionics rates are frequencies of sound creating a coherence tone in and around the client.

Healing at a Distance

Does it work?

Distance healing is very effective and is known as “action at a distance” in physics.

There is a great deal of research being carried out by scientific institutions in this area of study. We are discovering that humans, plants and animals respond to projected thought patterns and this phenomenon occurs no matter how great the distance between the subjects under investigation. Read more about Quantum entanglement on Wikipedia and an article called Physicists prove Einstein’s ‘spooky’ quantum entanglement on CNET here. 

Similar to the power of intention, I would add that the patient’s belief that remote healing is possible and is working is also a contributor for better results and expedited progress. Energy follows intention. 

Distance healing is very effective

The Client's Witness

The client's witness is a DNA sample like a snippet of hair, for example.

The client's witness entangles the Radionic instrument and the client. The use of a DNA sample, picture with birthdate or other ways of uniquely identifying the client can be used.

Why use radionics for healing?

Energy Radionics

Meet Linda Easthouse

Radionics / Bioresonance Professional

Linda has been a Natural Health specialist for over 15 years and is a recognized Advanced Specialist of Natural Bioenergetics™ and practices Matrix Energies as well as being a Radionics Master for the past 10 years.

She uses these energetic approaches to restore the body, mind and spirit. She assists people in taking control of their stresses, establishing healthy patterns, and gaining control over their life. Many athletes and business owners seek her assistance to optimize their performance and outcomes.

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