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Check out all of my radionics services here, including a full assessment, as well as complementary services and special programs. 


Start with your initial assessment for quick overall body testing, analysis and broadcasts, and then proceed to a detailed assessment for further comprehensive exploration and transmissions. 

Bio Resonance services provided by Linda Easthouse




Have you heard of Krystaline products yet? Take a look at a variety of rings and other carefully crafted items offered to clean up the energy in your personal space, home and more. You can also watch some videos on how to use these products and the benefits. 


Protect yourself and family from harmful EMF and 5G rays with these harmonizing plates and device tabs. Notice the improved difference in your energy  immediately! 


With lots of helpful tips for stress management, diet, exercise, and detoxification, Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love, is a practical guide to better living.

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