Krystaline Products

We offer an assortment of Krystaline products, including including divinity rings, sun rings, and neutralization rings – available in different sizes and finishes, as well as the Krystaline Anhk. Looking for protection from radiation, EMF waves and 5G? Check out our bio-enhancer products. If there’s something you’d like to order, but don’t see it listed in our Shop, send me a Custom Order form. Scroll down below the products to see an instructional video on how to use the rings.

Krystaline Rings Overview

Here’s a video just released by Wayne on using the rings. 

Everything is energy...

Krystaline Products for sale on Linda Easthouse website

In quantum physics, it is understood that every form, thought, and encounter emanates a specific energy. Some of these energies are therapeutic and are called Healing Energies: others are negative and cause disharmony.

It is more important than ever that we recognize the effect of these negative vibrations on our “beingness.” Living in a world of ever increasing technological advances, means we are also bombarded by vibrations that adversely affect our physical, mental and emotional systems.

The Krystaline tools are designed to balance and clean your energy fields leaving you calm and grounded.

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