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New: Personal Power Boost

Personal Power Boost 90 days of energetic and emotional support

It’s time for hibernation to end and for you to come roaring back to life and energy. Wake up your mojo and grab your power.

Introducing the Personal Power Boost on radionics. I know you don’t have time to do a lot of self-care and work on yourself as you would like to. So I have developed a way to do it for you and help you get your Personal Power revved up.  For 90 days you will get an interactive sound and frequency program to get you going.  3 Months for just $299. 

For a lot of people coming out of lock-down, getting the masks off, being allowed back in public spaces is wonderful and freeing but comes with a degree of hesitation and fear. After 2 years it is unfamiliar territory. Get your Personal Power back and receive the support emotionally, mentally, and energetically that you need to be your best.  Learn More

Radionics Full Assessment plus 4 Weeks of Treatments
Linda Easthouse

Radionics Full Assessment + 4 weeks of transmissions

Sign up for a Radionics Full Assessment with Linda Easthouse

This is a comprehensive look at all of the systems running in your body, including spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects. All of the major systems are rated, with the most detrimental assessed in detail, identifying disturbances and imbalances.

Once the assessment is complete, a plan to counteract and correct the disturbances is worked out and the transmission phase is commenced. Four weeks’ of transmissions are included in this radionics package.

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Radionics Treatments
Linda Easthouse

Specific Assessment on 1 issue

This is an assessment on a single item to identify causal factors, provide a recommended approach, and includes up to one month of transmissions.

This is useful for triggered emotional upsets, or for preparing oneself for a particular event or challenge. It is often applied prior to an important race, event, test, or presentation.

It can be used for addressing a toxic exposure and helping the body recover.

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Radionics program - Calm Immune Boost - Linda Easthouse
Linda Easthouse

Calm Immune Boost – 1, 2, 3 or 6 months

A targeted program that calms your heart and mind, and strengthens your immune system.

Check out my specially-designed Calm Immune Boost that counteracts the fear being broadcast around us. This 30-day program delivers frequencies to calm the fears, release the grip of social pressure, and boost your immune system. It’s like taking a hot shower to wash away those negative vibrations, replacing them with a strong sense of peace, well being and beauty… knowing that all is well in the world. Let this program wash over you daily for 30 days and feel better. You may want to share it with your whole family! 

Staying strong and calm boosts your immune system. Sign up to the program now by purchasing this product through my eStore and enjoy your next 30 days! My gift for single parents is including one child under the age of 6 for free, with your purchase.

Subscription Payment Options: You can choose to sign up for 1, 2, 3 or 6 months.

Be sure to read the full program details below for all of the instructions.

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Clear Clean & Boost - Radionics Program by Linda Easthouse
Linda Easthouse

Clear, Clean & Boost- 1 year

Clear Clean & Boost is a year-long radionics program. Imagine 52 weeks of energetic tuning for your body, mind and spirit!

It is $50/month for 12 months or $500 (USD) for the year. Here’s what you get:

  • A monthly email kicks off each month explaining the patterns that will be worked on helping you go with the flow as we progress through the year.
  • 48 weekly energy programs will automatically run for you. On the months that have 5 weeks, an extra program runs to keep you tuned up.

Read more about this monthly clear and clean – with a power boost! – program in the longer description.


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Radionics Services - purchase additional weeks by Linda Easthouse
Linda Easthouse

Additional Weeks

Following a Radionics Full Assessment, the transmission simply needs to keep running on a revised schedule for a period of time to continually re-enforce the frequency for the client until it is fully integrated with no resistance in their being. This can be accomplished with additional weekly transmissions. A minimum of 2 weeks is billed at a time, but 8 weeks or more may be required depending on the client and the pattern.

The cost is $50 USD for each 2-week period.

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Radionics Follow Up Assessment with Linda Easthouse
Linda Easthouse

Follow Up Assessment

After a Radionics Full Assessment is complete, additional topics may arise or there may be new aspects that need attention because of the changes created in the first work.

Instead of needing to do another complete assessment, I can provide an in-depth follow-up assessment, focusing only on the new topics. I will create a follow-up program for those specific items, which will run for a month as well.

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