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Our 2022 Holiday Sale is here!

Holiday Sale at Lindaeasthouse.com
Use coupon code HOLIDAYSALE to get 20% off almost everything in the store*

Sale runs from November 25th to December 24th. *Exceptions include Personal Sessions with Linda and our sale packs below.

Use coupon code 10%OFF to get an additional 10% savings on sale packs below, including our 2 Rings Special, 4 Anhks Package and Bio Enhancer Packs.
4" Rhodium Neutralization Rings are on sale at 30% off due to being discontinued. Get them for only $36.40 here until our stock is gone!

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Carts totalling $400 USD get 10% off; carts totalling over $1000 USD get 15% off your whole order.

CONDITIONS: Cannot be combined with other coupons/sales. Doesn’t include shipping costs.

Krystaline Rings: 2-ring special offer Sun & Neutralization Rings

2 Rings Special: Sun & Neutralization

Buy a Sun Ring and a Neutralization Ring as a pair and get a discount!

Choose from one of the following combinations:

  • 4 inch GOLD Sun Ring + 4 inch Gold Neutralization Ring for $94 – a $10 savings!
  • 9 inch GOLD Sun Ring + 9 inch GOLD Neutralization Ring for $327 – a $25 savings!

For more information on each type of rings, visit their main product pages here: Sun Rings and Neutralization Rings.

These two rings work together to remove unwanted energies and amplify the results. Look in the longer description below for an instructional video.  4 inch Rhodium Neutralization rings are available on request. Contact us for details.  All 9 inch rings are in gold.

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Krystaline Ankhs for sale on Linda Easthouse website

4 Anhks Package

Buy 4 gold Krystaline Anhks and get 15% off!

Right now we are having a sale on bulk orders of 7 inch Krystaline anhks. You can read the full product description of the anhks here.

Four ankhs placed opposite each other on the four walls of the room create a harmonized field.

There are still a few of the Rhodium anhks available upon special request. Please contact us to order.

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Krystaline Bio Enhancers - Plates and Tabs

Bio-Enhancer Packs

Buy your Bio-Enhancers in Packs and save!

Want to buy your bio-enhancers in bulk? Choose from the following packages:

  • Individual Pack: Includes 1 bio-enhancer plate and 3 device tabs. On sale for $95!
  • Family Pack: Includes 1 bio-enhancer plate and 6 device tabs. On sale for $150!

To learn more about the benefits of using bio-enhancers, read full description.

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Personal Power Program

Personal Power Boost-90 days

Has 2 years of uncertainty, lockdown, pandemic panic, and isolation left you needing a boost to get your mojo back?  You have found what you are looking for! The Personal Power Program is a series of sound and frequency files to create a flow of energy that will balance, calm and focus you. It is like having your own personal mini healing session every day for 90 days.

When the stress gets high and the  situation around you is tense, I’ve got your back. Get your energy flowing, find your joy again, let go of all the stresses that weigh you down. The side benefit is that when you have less stress your immune system improves–as a free bonus!

This program of quantum entanglement will connect you the to frequencies and tones every day. You also have access for your energy system to pull the frequencies as much as you need during the day. Energetic support 24/7 for 90 days!.

Commit today by adding the program to your shopping cart and checking out. Then email  me a photo of you against a clean, light background. Include in the email your date of birth and full name. Your program will begin running within 48 hours and will continue for 90 days.

Get started now!

*Canadians are welcome to contact me to pay via e-Transfer or Interac in CDN. 

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Everything is energy...

Krystaline products for sale on the Linda Easthouse website

In quantum physics, it is understood that every form, thought, and encounter emanates a specific energy. Some of these energies are therapeutic and are called Healing Energies: others are negative and cause disharmony.

It is more important than ever that we recognize the effect of these negative vibrations on our “beingness.” Living in a world of ever increasing technological advances, means we are also bombarded by vibrations that adversely affect our physical, mental and emotional systems.

The Krystaline tools are designed to balance and clean your energy fields leaving you calm and grounded.