Here's what my client's are saying...

"Thank you so much for your help. The results have been amazing! The coldsore in my nose did not develop any further. I could see another one wanting to form because of to much sun exposure bit it never did form, it went away. And I saw in the "wish box" you had put respiratory virus. I had one about a month before I contacted you and I couldn't shake the cough, well that cleared up in 24 hours! You did such a great job on me now I need help with my dog and husband!"
"24 hours in and the back of my ear isn't hot, rashy and itchy any more. It's clearly healing. I will try coffee tomorrow. I am less stuffed up too. Had a slight heart squeezing feeling today, much smaller than previously. Feeling great!"
Alma Johnston
CRA Clerk
"I love the idea of radionics. I find it so fascinating and knew I wanted to try it.

I wasn't sure what I wanted, so I shared with Linda what was going on with me, and she came up with the perfect thing. I noticed an uplifting in my energy when she turned it on and then didn’t think about it.

Linda asked how it was going a few days later, and I realized that I’d been very energized and feeling amazing, like I used to some months ago. Radionics is awesome and it works. I’m excited to schedule more sessions with Linda!"
amandalee - testimonial
Amandalee Sparks
Energy & Mindset Coach
"This month has been hell… my daughter refused to weight bear and was going to school in a wheelchair stroller. We tried x-rays, the chiropractor, oils, more oils, noninvasive neuromodulation, yada yada yada and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Anyhow, Linda worked on my daughter on Saturday and she was on the dance floor that night. The next day she was walking without assistance all day. Literally an overnight “back to normal” after a month of fear and chaos and confusion.

Turns out it was a mold exposure which had resulted in some swelling in the motor cortex. Linda began treating both (from Mexico, remotely) and voila, we have a happy little girl who was running in her gym class on Monday.

A little love from my radionics master and I think she’s good as new."
"After I applied for the Clear, Clean & Boost program trial, I forgot about it. When I got the email from Linda saying that she had completed it, I realized that even though I wasn't consciously aware it was happening, I fully feel the evidence of it. At three o'clock this morning, I woke up and I could feel this clarity and this understanding of the stress I've been going through. I know 100% that this program helped clear things up for me. I'm so encouraged from the program results and so grateful for your skills and to have connected with you. Thank you Linda!"
"Linda helped my husband’s digestive issues. He was dramatically better following his appointment with her. My foot is recovering much better too. The protocols she gave me are very helpful too."
Maryl Dole
"The first day on it my 14 year old “accidentally” kissed me on the side of the head as he walked by! If that isn’t a testament to radionics I don’t know what is! Haha

With the solar storm and all the other stuff going on it was hard to tell how the almost 12 year old benefited from it but I believe in it.

I had been processing so much old stuff and did feel a shift somewhat on Tuesday night but it’s a pretty deep dive clearing so it’s still happening and I appreciate the added radionics support!"
Amanda Vooys
"During the first week of experiencing the radionics pattern I noticed a significant clarity in my thoughts. My brain felt more settled than usual and I was able to focus on projects.

The second week has brought some disruption as I’ve faced some struggles - yet I am not feeling as tempted to overwhelm. I have been better able to access a peaceful place.

Thanks, Linda!"
Sandra Jenvey
"We had both, my son and I, a pretty nasty reaction at first. He wrote me yesterday 'you are a great mom!!!' I have never heard this before...."
Saliem Kiviet

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